With the year well underway now, love is now in the air as couples prepare to celebrate the day commemorating the patron saint for lovers. More often than not, celebration involves a romantic dinner and flowers or gifts. Decisions are often the troubling part of the event– picking a good restaurant with the right ambience, getting dressed for the occasion, choosing the right flowers or present– but the decision that gives us the most trouble would have to be choosing the right gift.

A gift at its best is something that is useful, desired or thoughtful, and often times we are stuck with the same gift ideas or defaulting to the usual “safe choices”. This Valentine’s Day, give your significant other the gift of time. timeblockR Nutrition and Face Care range is formulated with ingredients of the highest quality, to help you combat the damage that accumulates with time.

The timeblockR Face Care range stimulates your skin by reactivating its natural ability to regenerate. The lotion targets not only the surface, but the depths of your skin, and works progressively to help your cells in the renewal process. Over time you can slowly witness the improvement of your skin condition and see a significant decrease in wrinkles and a reduction in prominence of eye bags. Your skin tone will also even out, and the antioxidants would have helped in brightening the appearance of your skin, returning your countenance with that youthful glow.

With the outside all taken care of, it’s time to look deeper within. Telomere, our aging marker, shortens as we age; by maintaining or repairing our telomeres, we can slow down the aging process, thus reducing the risk of age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer. timeblockR Nutrition is a plant-based nutrient complex that is formulated to reinforce the regeneration of your cells. It contains the equivalent of 5.95kg of raw plant food and 3 litres of green tea in just two capsules and is designed to complement the natural biorhythm of the body to provide energy and radiance in the day, and promote cellular renewal in the night.

Whether you’re single or attached, take time to love yourself and your loved ones with timeblock this Valentine’s Day. Discover more about timeblock here, and you can get them from the Verita Store.

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