Anti-biotics are drugs that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria, but they are not effective against viruses. Unfortunately, when anti-biotics are used inappropriately, the bacteria in your body may develop resistance to the medication which will cause complications for treatment in the future.

Throughout the years, silver has been used and been proven effective in medical applications for its antimicrobial properties. The silver compounds are able to kill various types of bacteria, algae, fungi and viruses.

Argasol Silver Solutions offer silver-based products that work effectively on microorganisms, and they are multi-functional and non-toxic. It provides a 4-hour continuous bacteria protection, making it an outstanding wound care product that can be safely applied on most surfaces of your skin. This enables and speeds up the healing process, while preventing complications from infection.

Argasol is also available in kids range, which is great for sanitizing your child’s hands before and after playtime, or mealtimes. The gel is also perfect for diaper rash, minor cuts and burn, or insect bites. The spray disinfectant works well to clean common household items such as play mats and toys.

If you have pets in the house, the pets range provides protection for your furry friends when they get into minor incidents. It’s an effective food-grade antimicrobial, emollient and skin protectant that does not sting and is gentle on skin. Available in a spray or gel.

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