This month, we are celebrating World Animal Day! Caring for your furry friends may sometimes be harder than caring for our own body, for we do not physically feel the discomfort they do and neither do we communicate the same way, so we won’t know if something isn’t right until it’s visibly apparent.

The popularity of superfoods has risen in recent years, and we make an active choice to include healthy foods in our diet if we choose to live a healthy lifestyle. You can now make that healthy choice for your pets! SuperNatural Pets superfood powder is a dietary supplement for your beloved fur friends that contains 23 superfoods, such as blueberries and goji berries, and 13 essential canine and feline amino acids. These vitamins and amino acids are naturally derived, and are synergistically blended to help support a healthy gut biome and immunity.

Protecting your pets from infection can also be a challenge when your beloved pets are injured. Argasol Wound & Sanitisation Silver Gel provides broad-spectrum antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal protection with SilverSol® Technology. Its 4-hour continuous bacteria protection also kills yeast and fungi, which helps manage ‘hot spots’ and localised skin infections. The gel is an effective antimicrobial, emollient and skin protectant that is gentle on the skin and does not sting.

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